Today in the city Pelham 22.08.2017
Pilots Spend 18 Hours Drawing Outline of Plane Over America

Pilots aboard a Boeing aircraft spent their 18-hour flight test drawing the outline of the plane in the sky.

The Person Sitting Next to You on a Plane Could Be Getting Deported

Latino USA follows a Mexican immigrant as he goes through his check-in with ICE and is asked to buy his own plane ticket to get deported.

Boeing Dreamliner Crew Draws Enormous Outline Of Their Plane In The Sky

A team test flying a Boeing 787-800 over North America decided to have some fun with their flight path. So over an 18-hour period, they drew an outline of the plane over 22 U.S. states.

Australian police: ISIS commander sent IED parts to would-be plane bombers

A senior ISIS commander sent parts to make an improvised explosive device (IED) to the two men who were arrested in connection to an alleged plot to take down a passenger plane, Australian police have...

Toyota and Mazda plan to build $1.6 billion US plant in joint venture: Sources

Toyota and Mazda are tying up to build a $1.6 billion assembly plant in the U.S., sources familiar with the plan said.

Pilot killed after small plane crashes into backyard in Sacramento County, officials say

A pilot was killed Thursday afternoon when his small plane crashed into the backyard of a home in Sacramento County, officials said. Shortly after 3 p.m., a single-engine, home-built Lancair IV-P cras...

This plane pattern is so meta it hurts

If you have to test fly an aircraft for 18 hours, with no passengers and no destination, you might as well get a little creative. While testing their newest 787 Dreamliner engines, pilots for aircraft...

Odd Sounds, Altitude Struggles Seen Before Small Plane Crash

Federal investigators say a plane that slammed into a Utah highway made strange sounds during takeoff and struggled to stay at altitude before the crash that killed four people.

Plane Passenger Spots Man Texting About Exploiting Children

Seattle police say a plane passenger contacted authorities as soon as his flight landed after he spotted a fellow traveler texting someone about sexually exploiting children.

Passenger plane flies past North Korea ballistic missile crash site just minutes after test

A packed commercial airliner en route to Tokyo flew past the location where North Korea’s test intercontinental ballistic missile crashed into the Sea of Japan less than ten minutes later on Friday ni...

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